Smart homes

1. What makes a home smart?
An idea to makes one’s home interconnected, easily operated from one device/appliance is not a new one. As the majority of ground-breaking ideas it found its place and followers through science fiction novels and continued its path in the early inventions.

According to the UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), a smart home is “a dwelling incorporating a communications network that connects the key electrical appliances and services, and allows them to be remotely controlled, monitored or accessed.”

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Windows phones – will they stay afloat?

In this article I want to look at Windows Phones and to analyze its standing in the smartphone market by comparing it to its main competitors such as Android and iPhone.

My statement is that Windows phone will stay afloat!

Here is why…

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New era in healthcare with special application software

We live in the era of information, when technology gets more wired into our everyday tasks each day with increasing speed. A decade ago it was hard to imagine our lives without a personal computer. Now as our existence gets more dynamic, the dependency on various applications to help us spend less time on otherwise time-consuming activities grows.

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Analyzing hidden costs in outsourcing of software development

What is the real price of project outsourcing?

When considering outsourcing a company should, apart from comparing the hourly rates of different vendors, estimate for itself additional costs related to the process that are not obvious at the first glance.

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Outsourcing tips. Part V – Project Start

That is when your provider’s development team takes lead. How it goes depends on how much has been done during the previous stages. If you have planned everything properly, there’s almost nothing that can go wrong now.

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Outsourcing tips. Part IV: Project Planning

So, you have decided to outsource a project and have already chosen a provider. What’s next?

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Outsourcing tips. Part III: Choosing and getting to know the supplier

Stages of outsourcing process planning

Choosing a provider might be a bit baffling: you are to choose between thousands of providers with very different characteristics.

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Outsourcing tips. Part II: Answering the question “Is outsourcing for me?”

There is only one answer – Yes.

Any software development project – no matter how big or small, how complicated – can be outsourced, provided it is handled individually.

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Outsourcing tips. Part I: Introduction. Main ingredients of your success

Let us have a look at the stages in planning an outsourced project.

Stages of outsourcing process planning

Ideally, they will lead to a successfully delivered project. Unfortunately sometimes the results do not match our expectations. So, what can we do to avoid such outcome?

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Windows 8. Introduction course.

The new OS from Microsoft has been launched recently and managed to get 4 million users in the starting week. Then, no wonder we would like to get introduced to this new industry mastodon :) . Keeping ourselves updated we organized a set of introductory seminars for our .NET team and everyone else on OCSICO team who might be interested.

In the course run we will keep you updated on the progress and publish some seminar notes so you will also be able to follow.

Target of the course: Building solid understanding of Windows 8-world.

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